The Sardo Corso Atlantidean Paradigm Shift

Warning: I am not a specialist. These posts promote the Sardinian Corsican Atlantean paradigm, proposed by me, which states that Gobekli Tepe and the megalithic civilizations were founded by the Sardinian Corsican Atlanteans, then colonies such as the Minoans, the city of Troy, Sumerians, Babylonians and Mesopotamians in general; the tower of Babel was probably a nuraghe; only one language was spoken, that is an ancient variant of Campidanese Sardinian before the collapse of the “Tower of Babel”. The Sardinian Corsican Atlantic paradigm also states that “Babylon the Great” mentioned in the bible was the now submerged Corsican Sardinian Block. Unfortunately, however, not being a specialist, my paradigm has serious inaccuracies, imperfections and errors. It may be useful perhaps to scholars who intend to redirect their skills towards new points of view unexplored or undervalued to date. This may perhaps allow the reorganization of knowledge so that new information can be generated.

Maybe I’m trying to do a so-called “Paradigm shift”

We deleted the Sardo Corsican from history, aesthetics, geography, and so on. If we put these people back on the books, everything since the Neolithic has an explanation: Megalithic civilisations and buildings, Minoans, Sicilians, Sumerian language, Guanches, Troy too was a Sardocorso colony and so on. Sonchis, the Egyptian prist who told Solon, probably just called “Atlantis” the Sardo Corso continental block, which was emerged land. We are not talking about aliens, this Sardo Corso Paradigm is very easy to understand. But it implies that we were wrong for millennia. The Sardocorso civilisations were condemned to Damnatio Memoriae, just like… I didn’t study history well, maybe Caligola’s mother and brother?

I know it’s difficult to many of you. You probably are missing lot’s of Sardocorso culture, so you couldn’t reconstruct the past.
Please feel free to start from my posts to search online: in some days, you’ll know much more than me, and you can start publishing your own books, with the new paradigm.


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