The old city of Troy was a Sardo-Corso colony

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The old city of Troy was a Corso-Sardinian colony.

Heinrich Schliemann found Troy. Everyone thought it was a myth, but it wasn’t.

I found Atlantis. Almost everyone thought it was a myth, but it isn’t.

The concentric circles are the HOLY Center of town for us Sardinians, but in 9600 B.C. one of the many names for the sardo-corsican inhabitants of the now submerged sardo-corso continental block was Atlantideans.

The walls of Troy are concentric walls, found by Heinrich Schliemann.

This is not a coincidence: Troy was a Sardo-Corso colony in Turkey. The schield of Achilles had concentric circles. They were like a flag: it was a way to say: I am Sardo-Corso!

Concentric circles are everywere in History, I want to congratulate with archaeologist for their efforts and work.

The Egyptian prist Sonchis told Solon that Athen was in war with Atlantis, and Atlantis was the Corsican-Sardinian Block now submerged. Atlantis insolently tried to invade in a single stroke the sea strait beyond the Pillars of Hercules located between Marsala in Sicily and Tunis (this is Professor Sergio Frau theory/reality), founding cities like Troy. As Sonchis says, the Greeks proved they could beat them, in fact the Trojan War was won by the Greeks.


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